How would you describe your photographic style?

My style is influenced by fashion imagery, elegant and romantic as well as editorial. I take a fine art approach and aim to capture natural and artful images. On a wedding day, I look to curate stylish, emotional and natural memories. When shooting portraits I focus on simple everyday beauty and relationships. If my style speaks to you Ii would love to hear from and talk more about your beautiful wedding or photo session.

How far do you travel for a wedding booking?

How far do you want me to travel? Destination wedding prices vary depending on the nature and distance of the wedding; this means a bespoke collection would be created just for you.

How many photographers do you shoot with?

Depending on what collection you choose there may be a second photographer there on the day. My partner Tom is my second shooter and he is amazing in assisting me throughout the day and ensuring I’m on tract (and hydrated, this one is important!) as well as capturing beautiful images and frankly being better at photographing the groomsmen than I am. I will always be the primary photographer but sometimes it’s good to have someone else there for the day to ensure we never miss a thing and can capture two different perspectives.

If your prices are out of my budget is there anything you can do to make them fit?

Absolutely yes! Obviously I appreciate photography; I believe it is one of the most important investments for a wedding day and when a bride thinks so too I will always try to help. I respect a couple’s decision to not compromise on quality and see if there is anything I can do if they decide I am the right person to be there on their day. I can also create bespoke packages to ensure you are getting what you want form a quote please fill out your details on the contact page or message me at

What is a first look?

A first look is for the modern, slightly less traditional bride, or for the bride on a tight schedule. A first look is effectively the bride and groom seeing each other before the ceremony, usually in a secluded area, this makes for intimate, heart-warming and highly emotional images which are priceless. It allows the anxiety of the nerve-racking walk down the aisle to melt away as you see your husband to be’s eyes light up when he sees you and only you for the first time. Then you can go back to your girls, have a glass of champagne and await the ceremony with nothing but excitement, and trust me, the moment won’t be any less special.

This can also be a good idea for brides who’s wedding has a tight or unusual schedule, ceremonies which are at sunset can make it difficult to fit in groups shots, bride and groom portraits and other photographs in before it is completely dark, with careful planning a time line can be created to have all the important photographs taken with the bridal party and parents before the ceremony so you can relax and know you won’t be missing out on your reception to have photographs taken in the dark!

What is an un-plugged wedding?

I get asked about this one a lot of I always try to educate clients about the pros and cons of an unplugged wedding. I forget that wedding planning is new to most people and there’s so much to get your head around before the big day often worrying if people are taking pictures doesn’t cross your minds.

An un-plugged wedding can take many forms but most commonly it simply involved asking guests to leave the phone in their hand bag or the tablet in the car and enjoy the ceremony. It’s very common now for the aisle to be full of mobile phones and tablets as you walk down to marry your fiancé, instead of seeing their smiling faces. Some couples choose to go as far as to say the whole wedding is going to be un-plugged and urge guests to go without technology for the duration!

What equipment do you use?

I am a self-confessed canon obsessive! I shoot exclusively with Canon and will have plenty of equipment and backups with me on the day to make sure it’s all smooth sailing no matter what happens.

I edit in adobe Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CC, I use presets from VSCO and Mastin Labs which allows me to create the types of images myself and my client’s love. I deliver my images on an on-line gallery which is easy to access and ensure if anything were to happen to your photographs they are still safe, they are also easily shareable from the on-line gallery so people who couldn’t make it to the wedding can see your pictures too!  Weddings are also delivered on a keep sake USB straight to your door.

When will are photographs be ready?

Wedding photographs will be ready no more than 8 weeks after your wedding, however, I have never taken this long so far (fingers crossed!) and will aim to get than back to you in a lot less time. Other photo shoots such as engagements, new-borns, and family portrait sessions will be ready in around 4 weeks.

When and where can we meet?

I am currently conducting most of my client meetings in my home where I have a small studio now, although I tend to do my meeting in the living room over a cup of tea!